April 17

Homework Page

 Term 1 Week 3

Due Date: Thursday, 15th February

Read 5 times a week for approximately 20 minutes. It is up to you to work this into your weekly schedule. Don’t forget to record the books you are reading in your diary and have it signed by a parent each week.

Spelling / Vocabulary

Learn a new word, write it in your book and share the spelling and meaning with the class.

Typing Practise your touch typing using the website below. Practise for 10-15 mins per night.



Write out and practise the times table you think you need to learn, for example the 7 times tables.



























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  1. Leonsig21



  2. TA

    1 There was a second Fleet and third Fleet.

    2 The first fleet came to NSW in 1788.

    3 700 people were on the first fleet.

    4 The convicts made their own bricks.

    5 The convicts wore chains on their arms and legs

    6 There were 11 ships.

  3. charlie

    1 There were so many rats on the boat. they made lots of people sick.
    2 The shirts had convict symbols so people knew they were bad.
    3 They made their own bricks to make a shelter
    4 I am the direct descendant of William Nash he was a Marine in 1788 on the ship The Prince of Wales
    5 They made their own toys and play with them.
    6 For punishment they had chains and they had to carry bricks for punishment.
    7 There were 11 ships and none of them got lost.
    8 They had wrong side shoes because that was all they got.

  4. Mark

    Ft1. Most ships like Fishburn had a lot of rat diseases. Many people died by the diseases by the rats. Lucklily the rats were killed and the diseases were gone.
    Ft 2. There were 6 convict ships, Lady Penbryn, Scarborough, Alexander, Prince of Wales, Charlotte and Friendship. There were 3 Food/supplies/Transport Ships, Borrowdale, Fishburn and Golden Gove,and 2 Navy ships,
    HMS supply and HMS Sirris.
    Ft 3. The prisoners were forced to pick more then 1 brick wearing chains. The largest island of all time,
    Australia was discovered by Captain James Cook. Twenty years later, the First Fleet was captained by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 came to Australia.

    Hope you liked it from M.bu


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