April 17

Homework Page

 Term 4 Week 9

Homework is due in next Friday


1. Maths

Times Tables – Really learn your all your multiplication and division facts for 6x


Complete  at least 10 mins of Kahn activities per day. Using your Mastery challenges, complete the recommended activities set for you. Particuarly complete activities related to fractions.

Record a reflection on your Kahn Academy activities this week on the blog. What did you find challenging? What strategies did you use to help you? What questions did you ask yourself as you completed the activity? Record this is in full sentences as a comment.


Read your own book for 10 mins per night

3. Writing – Spelling

1.Spelling write out your spelling words LCSWC 5x and learn them. Write 4 of your own mistakes

.4. Inquiry 

Choose a country. Create a fact file about the lifestyle in this country. Include the following information.

  • Location of the country, map and on world map, capital city, main cities
  • Population
  • Culture and Traditions
  • Local foods
  • Education
  • Climate
  • Exceptional geographical areas, e.g Mountains, desserts, rivers, famous places

Have your photos read and your script for each photo.

You should have at least 5 photos for each heading.


























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