March 3

Parents Page

Dear Parents

We trust you all had a nice break and welcome you back for term 2 of the school year.

Here is a short description of what we will be covering in all of the key learning areas in the first half of the term.


Students take part in shared reading activities, small group reading activities and independent reading.  We will continue to develop their reading by focusing on skills such as; visualising and predicting, questioning and making connections. We of course encourage all students to read at home, and encourage parents to engage with their children about what they are reading and listen to, or read to them, from time to time.


We will continue to plan, draft and publish various texts particularly narratives and persuasive texts in preparation of NAPLAN.


We are learning about  how the earth’s surface changes over time due to natural processes, the interdependence between the earth, sun and moon and how the earth’s surface changes over time due to human activity.


Multiplication and division are the focus concepts at the beginning of the term. We will be working on learning our multiplication facts as we need these known to complete our multiplication and division work.


As our grade three students are making their First Holy Communion this term, we will discuss the importance of this sacrament and the meaning of Sacramental living as a daily practice.


Homework will not be given out until week two.  Your child will receive a homework sheet weekly. It will include

  1.      Nightly reading of approx. 15 – 20 mins from students own novel
  2.       Usually a spelling activity
  3.      Usually learning a times table appropriate for your child
  4.      A language activity
  5.      Sometimes a French activity to complete

(Try and assist your child by writing in their afterschool activities, so your child realises that homework on some nights is not possible. Also try and complete the hardest activity first, then the second hardest so the homework gets easier during the week.)

Diaries will be collected once a week and we would appreciate you signing them.

Some Important dates- Please ensure you check the school calendar and newsletters

Thursday 19th April School Disco
Tuesday 1st May Eucharist Sacramental Faith Night
Thursday 3rd May School photos
Thursday 10th May Mother’s Day dinner
Friday 11th May Mother’s Day stalls
Tuesday 15th May NAPLAN


Wednesday 16th May NAPLAN
Thursday 17th May NAPLAN
Monday 21st May Whole school closure
Saturday 26th May First Holy Communion
Sunday 27th May First Holy Communion
Saturday 2nd June First Holy Communion
Sunday 3rd June First Holy Communion

Many thanks

Judy and the  3/4  team