March 3

Parents Page

Dear parents of 3/4  jcc

Please find the latest communication re the learning in 3/4jcc.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

Mrs CC


Dear Parents

We have had a solid start in 3/4 to 2018 and everyone seems to have settled well back into the routine of school.

Here is a short description of what we have been covering in all of the key learning areas.


Various reading activities have been completed in the first few weeks, both for gaining information for our Inquiry topic. “The First Fleet” as well as revising reading strategies such as summarising, paraphrasing, and inferring.



We have been looking at Recounts and our aim by the end of the term is to write a recount from the eyes of a convict. We have completed writing small recounts of our holidays.



We are learning about  The first Fleet. We are researching why the First Fleet came to Australia, who came, how the trip went with the various classes of people on the boats, and what happened when the First Fleet arrived in Australia. We have an incursion organised to help us with our understanding.



We have been concentrating on learning maths games to assist our maths understanding of numbers to make 10. We also have been taking measurements of our lengths, wrists, feet, then made graphs to record our data. We will then make class time capsules and then at the end of the year, compare our measurements.



We have been discussing our scripture quote,

‘For we are God’s servants working together. You are God’s field, God’s building.’

We are also making our class prayer cloth.



Your child will receive a homework sheet weekly. It will include

  1. Nightly reading of approx. 15 – 20 mins from students own novel
  2. Touch-typing activities to improve their typing skills
  3. Usually a spelling activity
  4. Usually learning a times table appropriate for your child
  5. A language activity
  6. Sometimes a French activity to complete

(Try and assist your child by writing in their afterschool activities, so your child realises that homework on some nights is not possible. Also try and complete the hardest activity first, then the second hardest so the homework gets easier during the week.)

Diaries will be collected once a week and we would appreciate you signing them.


Important dates

Tuesday  27th Feb 7.30 Reconciliation Faith night for year 3 families
Sunday 4th March Parish Picnic at St Bede’s
Thursday 8th March 7.30 Kath Murdoch talk to parents on Inquiry learning
Friday 9th March Pupil free day
Monday 12th March Labour Day Holiday
Tuesday 20th March 7.30 Sacrament of Reconciliation



Could you provide your child with a set of headphones with a microphone attached? They will need this for their French assessment. Do not buy expensive ones. Many thanks!