August 8


Try these fractions

This is a good website


July 30

Reading groups – August 14th

Teacher Read

“Solal and Morgan from France”

Drama Read over silently

“Owen Foote- Soccer Star”

Make sure you can say every word and you know when your part comes in.

Can you read with expression?

Can you be heard?

Own Read your own book and then write down the 5 most important points that you have just read.
Computer Go to the website

And research 10 points about the Christians.

Do you agree with all you have read?

June 12

Reading Groups June 13th

Teacher Group.

Own – read until you write your reflection and then write 4 lines on who you think the book is written for, gender, age, etc and explain your reasons.

Computer – Research your animal facts for your Inquiry topic.

Drama – Owen

February 24


Discuss this with your family and siblings and then write your answere.

1. How does exploration impact on people and places?

2. What lessons can we learn from explorers in our daily lives?

3. Reflect on what an explorer is. Write about a time when you have been an explorer in our learning?

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