November 12

Shape Poems

Fox –











November 1

November 1st.

Go to this website

Write down 10 new facts that you found in this website

Then go to the Victorian Police website


And read the website and write down 10 facts that you found here.


October 26

Religion Nov 9th



 You can discuss with a partner why do you think you were made to watch this video – write down your answers.

Read one of the following

John 15: 1-11.

Luke 10:25-28

Mark 12:31  

From the Scripture reading and the Caritas Video answer

 What does that mean for the way we think of ourselves?

How should we think of ourselves? Of others?

How does that Scripture add to our previous understanding of dignity and our worth?

Write your answers in your Religion book.

October 26

Maths Oct 26th

Try playing completing this ‘Chance’ activity


What did you think of this activity. Did you get all the answers correct? Write down in your maths book the strategies you used to work out your answers. Explain your answers well.


Write a reflection describing your understanding of the game – What were you surprised about?

Include in your reflection what you were “surprised” about.


October 15

Reading groups Oct 16th

Teacher group

Year 3  – ” Table for Two”

Tear 4 – “Bamboo Flute”


Drama  – Pop Poppity Pop

Own Reading.

Computer –

August 23

Reading groups Term 3 August 28th 2017

Groups this week are

Teacher – Hello from France. Then complete question sheet and Venn diagram.

Drama – Read ‘New Year’s Resolution. We are looking for excellent acting, clear annunciation, and loud voices.

Own Reading – Draw the front cover of a book you really like and write a blurb explaining to the class why they should be reading it.

Computer –  Go to the website     

and read article and write down 10 pieces of information that you learned about Vatican City.