4 thoughts on “Mrs Asbury’s Talk on being an Aborigine

  1. CR

    Mrs Asbury’s talk
    What I learnt about Mrs Asbury’s talk

    1. Aboriginals were not allowed to vote.

    2. Aboriginals were not considered an Australian citizen until 1967.

    3. Molly and her sister were part of the Stolen Generation.

    4. Living on the mission farms and that was quite nice and they had no families.

    5. The Aboriginals were all in the same place and all together.

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  2. D.L

    *Before the 1976 referendum the aboriginals were considered to be flora and fauna (Plants and animals)
    *The Stolen generation were aboriginal children who were stolen from their homes.
    *White people were thought to be smarter than aboriginals.
    *Aboriginals were encouraged to abandon their languages and culture.
    *The Aboriginals grew very self-sufficent on buildings called mission farms

  3. All.F

    Mrs Asbury Talk
    Today a lady came to talk to us about her grandmother who was a aboriginal. A fact that I learnt was that her grandmother’s name was Molly and she was in the Stolen Generation and Molly and her sister got taken away and became a slave for someone. Another thing I learnt was that they gathered up all the aboriginals and made them not humans but flora and fauna (plants and animals). When molly left she grew up and never saw her sister again, but she did see her brother. Molly had two children and she had a husband but they divorced and she was left with two children to raise by herself. So she sent one off to a boys house where they learnt things. Back then the Aboriginals were not considered very smart and the white people were. I found Mrs Asbury very interesting to listen to.

  4. KM

    5 facts I learnt about the talk from Mrs Asbury
    1. Living in the farms made the aboriginals very self-sufficient
    2. The Aboriginals had to live in pacific areas of Australia in one group
    3. The Aboriginals had a good life living on the mission but
    they didn’t have their mum or dad living with them
    4. Aboriginals were not allowed to vote until 1967
    5. Before 1967 Aboriginals were considered flora and fauna (plants)


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