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  1. Nigel

    Five special words

    When I Sprained my ankle I have to walk gingerly. On pokemon GO Pikachu is yellow,red and brown it is pretty rare to catch Pikachu and it is very cute. Captain cook discovered Australia. My family is very remarkable. However my bedroom is different because my grandma changed it, I lost my beyblade launcher but it was in between my dad’s bed and wall. Next week on tuesday or wednesday my beyblade YEY! But afounchuly my tooth is very wobbly I am sad because is was bleeding on wednesday morning march the 8th 2017, It really hurts badly. Ow.

  2. Giselle

    After the holiday my family and I went to the me and went to the beach. We had so much fun at the in the beach. However it rained l got sad we had no time to play.
    To get home we discovered a good move. It was remarkabale. Then we want to the beach for 2 time and I cut my foot and I walked on it gingerly. Then after that I got a ice crem yellow then we had so much fun . Then was time to go have pizzia I love pizza.
    Then it was time to go home.

  3. Estelle

    100 words

    This year we got Miss CC.
    We are also learning French.
    We did name bugs
    We did year of the rooster
    We have a joke of the week
    The joke is what is the fruitiest subject
    In school …History because it is full of Dates.
    I don’t like the dry fruit Dates but I love doing the date we do at school. At school it is fun. School is fun because we have Miss CC. she is the best teacher in the magnificent world. She is fun, sometimes grumpy but always happy. You are the best teacher.

  4. A.H

    Five special words

    However is one of the five special words you can say it like this however I climbed a tree but there are heaps of ways to say however.

    Gingerly is one of the five words means careful and you can say it like i’m walking gingerly and there are lots of ways to do it.

    Yellow is one of the five words and yellow is the colour of a yellow daisy.

    Remarkable is one of the five special words and remarkable means really good.

    Discover is one of the five words and means someone found a country.

  5. Julian

    100 words’’ laughter that makes me

    Fake laugh
    The sitcom laugh
    The singer laugh
    The youtuber laugh
    The spongebob laugh
    The patrick laugh
    The ms cc laugh
    Not funnily laugh

    What makes me laugh

    When someone tickles you.
    When someone makes a pun
    When my sister makes a joke and I laugh.
    When saying a joke is but it was boring thay all do the fake laugh.

  6. gisellere

    I M GR in 3/4 jcc I like having fine liners. I like Art, reading and PE. We got chromebook sand, there are so cool!! I think this year is going to be a fun year in 3/4 jcc. We are going to make new things for are class room.I like art because I like being artte and in reading you are leaning new things. I like PE because you have so much fun. This year we are leaning French at at St Bedes. I like being 3\4JCC.

  7. IG

    100 words

    I laugh through my cute nose I laugh through my mouth I like laughing because I have laughter.I like to I hisses I chuckle I like to do the Spongebob laugh and the patrick laugh. I don’t laugh often I laugh ecashenly because I can laugh. I can laugh I sometimes do my real laugh and other times I can do my fake laugh. I am good at laughing I am good at fake laughing because I have laughter.

    I can laugh very well when I feel like laughing and that is because I like laughing.

  8. gg

    When I was four years old my family and I booked a holiday to fiji. Before we boarded the plane my uncle vince got really mad at my cousin christian who was misbehaving in the airport, so he decided to take his thong off and chase him around the airport.

    My uncle could not catch him as christian was too fast for his dad.

    all of a sudden my father then started to chase my uncle to tell him we had to board, but he was too busy trying to catch his son.

    From where i was sitting at the gate this all looked really funny and reminded me of a cartoon i once saw where people were chasing each other.


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