December 5

News from Nigel in Penang

My grandparents had to go to Penang for a work project on 16 november 2017 and they brought me along on the trip to experience travel and different cultures. Here are some information about Penang which I hope will be of interest.

Penang is an island on the northwest coast of Malaysia.
Here below is an aerial photo of Australia and Southeast Asia including Malaysia shown in blue dot. Penang is sixthousand km from Melbourne and flying time is about eight hours with a stop over in Singapore.

Here below is an Aerial photo with a closer view of Malaysia and Penang in blue dot.

Here below is an aerial photo of Penang island off the North West coast of mainland Malaysia.

Here below is an aerial photo of Penang island itself with its capital city called GeorgeTown. There are two very long Bridges connecting Penang to mainland Malaysia being used by all sorts of vehicles including cars, buses and trucks carrying goods. One bridge is 13 km long, the other is 20 km long.

On 16 nov we boarded a flight on Singapore airlines✈ – The national airline of Singapore, located south of Malaysia.
The flight from Melbourne to Singapore was seven hours and on video I watched Wonder Woman and The Emoji Movie in between sleep and food.
We then boarded a flight from Singapore to Penang which took an hour as there are no direct flights from Melbourne to Penang.
We arrived in Penang airport on 16/11 in the afternoon.

Penang is 1050 square km in area with a population of 1.5 million made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans.
Penang city called Georgetown was founded by a Briton named Francis Light in 1786 as a trading post of the British company. It was under the British rule until 1957.
Penang has progressed well and is known as the technical centre of the East with industries in computers⌨ electronics⌚️, shipping⛴, education, medical and tourism.
The main languages are Malay, Chinese and English. Malay may be written in English alphabets for examples:

Good morning = Selamat Pagi, Good afternoon = Selamat Petang
I = Saya, You = Awak
One = Satu, Two = Dua, Three = Tiga
Chair = Kerusi, Red = Merah, Green = Hijau
Makan = Eat, Minum = Drink

The temperature in Penang is 22 to 28C all year round.
People from all around the world visit Penang to enjoy the beaches, food, tour and medical treatment.

We stay on the northern location in an apartment within a condominium with swimming pools‍♀️, basketball court⛹, gym, table tennis, tennis court and place for roller blading on top of the car park (for cars and motorbikes.) See aerial photo here below.

Penang has very old buildings in the city of Georgetown. I visited a street and here below is one example.

Penang has a multi cultural society made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans. There are different Religions including Muslim, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. I would like to show some photos of the Temples and Church I visited.

Here below is a very large and impressive Mosque attended by Muslims who pray five times daily.

Here below is the inside of a Buddhist temple that I visited, it is very colourful and beautiful and it happens to have the largest figure of a Sleeping Buddha. Look at that difference in size between the Buddha and me standing in front.

Here below is a Hindu temple I visited which is very unusual with many figurines on top. image3.JPG
Here below is the Catholic Church called Immaculate Conception that I attend with my grandparents. It has a very large congregation, and there is a twelve member choir with strong voices. I was very surprised to see  more than sixty other children when I attended the Sunday liturgy.image4.JPG
The weather has been nice and cool so far.(not what I expected ‘cos’ people told me that it was going to be warm and hot) perhaps I brought the Melbourne weather with me.
Here below is me doing my quiet reading on the apartment balcony.
Thank you for reading about my trip to Penang (I will learn more and visit other places, and I’ll send additional information before School closes.)
To be continued…
With Best Wishes from Nigel in Penang.
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