November 8

Information Criteria

Information Report

Your Information report should include, name and date and:

1 A heading  
2. An introduction of the topics that your information report will cover  
3 All paragraphs should have  subheadings  
4 All paragraphs should have labelled diagrams to give you more information and detail on the topic  
5. At Least 2 maps,

1. Of your country – include capital  city

2 where your country is in South America

6. At least 4 paragraphs on

Important paragraphs are

1. Geography – a map could be included

2 Biomes – a map could be included

3 Indigenous People

4 Flora and Fauna


Less important paragraphs could include

History – colonisation and language

Special events

Sacred Sites

Famous Places

Interesting facts

7. All information must be in your own words  
8 All information must be written in paragraph form and not dot points  


October 25

Thursday 25th 2018

Thursday 25th

8.45 Go to designated rooms
9.00 Start on research for your information text

You might include

Map of your country

Capital City


Geographical features – landlocked, has a sea border, mountains, deserts, river

Famous places in your country

Interesting facts


Sacred sights

Who are the indigenous people

Any sustainably information

Foods from this area

Native animals

Native plants – which will influence foods!


10.00 Touchtyping – any program you wish
10.20 Herald sun for kids – read an article and write down 5 dot points
11.15 Maths – learn your next 2 times tables using a program that you choose


September 5

Thursday September 6th

Thursday September 6th

8.45 – go to your assigned teacher
8.50 – 9.30 Confirmation Card Make a confirmation Card

We have not assigned names to each student yet so make your card so that we can give it to anyone

Use the coloured card and the confirmation symbol sheet

9.30 – 10.00 Writing Continue on with any writing that you need to go on with.

Don’t print! – We will do that Friday

10.00 – 10.45 Maths Learn your next assigned tables.

You will be tested on these on Friday. You may use any website to help you REALLY learn them.

Then have a go at these websites






Have a go at all levels!!

11.15 – 12.00 Writing Continue to work on your writing as above
12.00 – 12.30 Handwriting Complete pages 50 and 51
12.30 – 1.10 Touch-typing Use any website and complete typing.

Test how fast you are typing by going to

I can type 29 WPM (Words per minute)

Practise till you can type at least 20 words per minute, using your correct fingers.

2.15- 3.15 Religion Look at youtube

Read this article and then write down 10 facts that you learnt.

Mr Brown Mrs Bolderston Miss Shroeder



Tom A


John S





Tom H